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Thupertrooper (Victor):
sweet Pathy my friend new here i got a 2005 4x4 also nice to see another
what are you from?
IMG_3640 by Victor Lopez, on Flickr

These are from my recent trip to Moab Utah

IMG_3839 by Victor Lopez, on Flickr

Wow they do exist.. My wife says she saw a white one like ours with black and white American flags on it but I still have not seen or heard of it.. Lol anyway nice rig.. Clean list of mods too.. How do you like the 33's on it so far? I'm in east Mesa

Thupertrooper (Victor):
i actually have had 33s on my Pathy for most of the time i have owned it, 3 years
the first were nitto terra grapplers

IMG_3088 by Victor Lopez, on Flickr

now i have the km2s and i like the mud terrains better since i dont drive it alot
the old nittos i got used with alot of tread left and i got 20k out of them till they started getting bumps on them
i dont know if it was there age but they rode hard and stiff
new km2s ride smoother just feel heavier especially when i go to brake
what brand UCAs you have
 i really like your tire carrier

 Actually my entire front suspension was built by me. I wanted to go to broken arrow with the club but didn't want to show up with the stock Pathfinder so I spent two weeks prior to the trip fabbing up my own suspension using the stock stuff .. It's 4" wider per side with A different lower ball joint location to give the arm more clearance at ride height .. The rock sliders spare tire carrier roof rack and front suspension we're done in the course of two weeks prior to that trip. The upper control arms use poly bushings and the original ball joint with the angle changed I plan to make tubular style new ones soon  or I may bite the bullet and buy some but I doubt it ....right now it will cycle about 12 inches but is limited by the Adj 5100's I have on it currently.. As I'm sure you're well aware of the factory rear springs are absolutely useless and given the added weight of the tire carrier and my kids in the back it made for an interesting trip at broken arrow. I didn't realize that it would SAG that bad and I had extremely long rancho 7000's on the rear testing them .. I ended up smashing the bump stops built-in to the shocks on that trip .. so until I get all the bugs worked out of it it just sits most of the time and driven to work in phx a few times a week..

 A little more current pictures :
Sitting on 315 75 16s and getting ready to rework all the suspension front and back... build tube bumpers ..redo the sliders and rear carrier ...may re work the rack too.. Never ending list..


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