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goneMOAB 2016! May 22 - 27th

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Check out the newest goneMOAB video!  For the 15th anniversary we have added a night run and the CVT overland run!  There are trails for beginners to SAS’d rigs, this is the year to stop talking about goneMOAB and just do it.  Please subscribe to the youtube channel.

Registration is open!

It's been a few years, I was thinking of a fam trip this time.. Maybe let the wife drive all the blue trails, take a day off driving Wednesday and do a river trip?. Get a condo at Rim Village or whatever it's called.. We usually stop in Hovenweep or take a yurt in Mexican hat on the way home too. Anyone thinking of going this year?

Thupertrooper (Victor):
Were you thinking of going the whole week?
Have you been to a GoneMoab event?

4 or 5 GONES.. Sponsor, trail leader,  tailgunner, yes. 8) I'd like to get up on Sunday prior, drive straight thru from Phoenix. Leave town Saturday, stop at Hover weep or San Juan Inn for the night before coming back to PHX.

Thupertrooper (Victor):
I really would like to go back to Moab just to attend event but still debating staying the week don't think its worth just staying a couple days.
If there was enough of us it would be pretty cool


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