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goneMOAB 2016! May 22 - 27th

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Well, looks like we're out this year. Wife just booked a Mayan Palace resort for March, and Pagosa Springs for June. If any of you've thought about going to MOAB and never have, this is an excellent opportunity for adventure. You can really see what your X can do and test the limits of your driving skill-set as well, there's no better place. You'll be with all Nissan enthusiasts too, what could be better? If you can, go.

Thupertrooper (Victor):
Im going to wait till next year if we can get a group of us to go.
Did Moab on my own lastyear would like to experience it as a nissan group soon. I miss Moab.

I'll be more likely to go next year

Thupertrooper (Victor):

4wheeling and scenic views nothing better

Dead end of Hells Revenge
Lets get a group interested starting this year

Anyone can drive on all four tires



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