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goneMOAB 2016! May 22 - 27th

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pinchel (Rob):
I would love to plan a family GONE but not sure they'd enjoy a whole week. :)

Thupertrooper (Victor):
I wanted to go the amount i did the last time which was Wednesday arrive there and come back sat but this time stay at the hotels in Kayenta been wanting to photograph moneument valley a little better

Gouldings lodge is fun in MV. A good variety of accomadations from hotel rooms and suites to a campground and RV parking. Indoor pool and general store ( a museum too) w/ an onsite resturant. Location can't be beat..

Thupertrooper (Victor):
Well i got till Jan to make up my mind
Who else thinking of going?

Hey I'm here to help anybody get organized to go.  I'm involved with the GoneMOAB organizing committee and will happy to help.  It is a great time enjoyed by all.

Terry Lindgren


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