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Christmas Party & Light Parade 2009

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--- Quote from: Onix on December 01, 2009, 03:05:59 PM ---Low funds this year. I think it will be pizza somewhere.Chuckie Cheese or something that does not cost alot..

--- End quote ---

I will open this up for discussion, and if there is interest I am not opposed to doing some BBQ Pulled Pork and/or turkey for the party. It would be a cheap route to go.
I can do close to 60 lbs at once.  Would just need a head count to determine how much would be needed.  I did this for my division at work and it was around $70 total feeding about 40 to 50 people.  After buns, meat, wood chunks and other small ingredients it came out to around $5 per person.

If someone is willing to host at their home or if we want to meet at a park, prior to parade....

BBQ pulled pork is Okey dokey fine with me. I love that shizznit!!!

Crickets........    :-\


--- Quote from: RJCX on December 04, 2009, 11:13:17 AM ---Crickets........    :-\

--- End quote ---

My thoughts exactly. BAH HUMBUG! :(

Hell...RJCX make some pork, bring your family over to my place, I'll make some ribs & fixin's, we'll all eat; then you & I can drive around spreading Christmas cheer with our decorated Xterra's.  That is 3 trucks at least between the two of us. Unfortuantely I don't have the space to host the party.  :-\

Seriously folks...if there is no interest - please let me know one way or another (PM, phone, text, email, post-up) so people can make other plans for that evening during this busy time of year.  :)

My .02: I'm cool with just doing the light parade & no party  :( if that works better financially & time-wise for the majority, but some input would be helpful...

I LOVE firing up the smoker and making my neighbors hungry, wishing they were invited over for good food.

I am good with just doing the BBQ for everyone. Think of it as my gift to everyone in AZXC. 

Just need a headcount in order for me to get the approriate amount of meat by at least Wednesday, 12/9 so I can start cooking on Friday mid-afternoon.


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