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Moab 4-5 times
San Juan Mountains too
If you can, is a great annual event. Anything Nissan is welcome to join. Trails from mild to wild.

Thupertrooper (Victor):
i got till Jan to decide if im going would be more fun if we had a convoy of Nissans from AZ

I would love to go to Gone Moab one of these years but with the younger boys a little tough.  I live in Maricopa and go to my in-laws in Gilbert often so may see you around.   

Thupertrooper (Victor):
If you see a Pathy with bfg km2s thats me lol
But i miss Moab and really would like to go back and 4wheel with others( since my first visit was me wheeling by myself) i saw alot of jeep mobbing out together but i was either not prepared to follow them or just finished the trail as they were starting

I'll have to consult with the wife but I would love to make it out to gone Moab.... Let the begging begin.. Lol
I wheel all over butcher Jones and Sycamore because it's not very far from where I live in east Mesa but haven't seen you yet. Broke my spiral cable last time out and my ABLS quit working if I get it fixed in the next couple weeks maybe we can meet up and go wheeling i'd be interested to see how your truck performs with the bigger 33's ..
I'm still on lame 31's..


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