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Mod Day Dec 12th

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Hammer (Avi):
Just in time for the Holidays, a chance to finally get that lift installed! 
This will be a Mod Day/ Meet and Greet.  Welcome to anyone who would like to attend.  This mod day will be held at my house, starting at 10AM.
If you would like to attend and haven't been to my place just PM me for the location. 

Please post up if you will be coming and what project you have. 

I'll be there with a possible snorkel install! ;D

pinchel (Rob):
I can't make it. I work, but if anyone is still hanging around late afternoon, I plan on stopping by.

Dan B:
If I can keep my hands away from my lift kit until then I'll bring that to mod day. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to have some of you guys who have put these kits on around when I install it anyhow.

 anyone got a code reader that'll reset the steering angle sensor?
If not I've got one more trick up my sleeve before I decide to hand the dealer my money
Regardless I may show up with the monster truck to give a hand to anybody who needs it..


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