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Hammer (Avi):
Please thank Matt (Nissankid83) for donating 4 tickets and 2 parking passes to the club for the upcoming Russo and Steele Auction. 

The Auction takes place January 27-31 at Scottsdale and the 101. 

I will pick 2 winners in 10 days 11/30/2015.  Each winner will receive two passes and a parking pass. 

If you have not been to the Russo and Steele before it is a must for any big kid.  There will be cars from all over the world. You will be within arms length of vehicles you only see on TV. 

There is more info about the auction Here and remember, there is still time to volunteer to help with the event!

For more info about volunteering check the thread Here

Respond with your screen name to enter, this one is open to all forum members. 





PitSnipe (Kyle):


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