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AZXC 2016 kickoff Run Date

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PitSnipe (Kyle):
Alright everyone. I have listed four dates to vote on. Pick which one works best for you. I am ending the poll on Christmas day. That way we have plenty of time to plan for which ever date is chosen to make the 2016 AZXC Kickoff Run.

What trail?

9th or 23rd works for me. Dunno if I can Titan swap in time though :/

Rear Axle Seal:
I might only be able to do the 9th of January.  Got 5 business trips between last week of January and end February.

pinchel (Rob):
I don't have my work schedule this far in advance but if we can narrow down a date I can request it off. Or I might be off, who knows.

As it stands now I have a few days scheduled in January but no weekends, and that's been pretty hard scheduled for a month now. January 9th and 10th is highly unlikely as it's my birthday weekend. Then again, it is my birthday weekend.

I have to say any weekend past 1/9 would be preferred but not necessary.


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