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Tangle Creek Camp and Kick off run Jan 23rd

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Hammer (Avi):
This is the final planning thread for this years Kick Off Run.
*Please check this thread post often, I will be updating this post with meetup locations and times, as well as details on the run. This post will have the most pertinent compiled information for our event.*

If you can not make the meet time at 10am. That's fine. Please join us at the campsite for our cookout. Just bring something to share and maybe some firewood.

We will adjust the trail based on actual attendees, and trail obstacles. This will likely be a long day, especially if you are driving out and camping. It will take any where from 2 to 3 hours to get to the camp, and then another hour to get to Sheeps Bridge, at which point we will turn around and make camp. So at minimum, 4 hours of driving on the forest roads. Depending on the actual time that we get back to camp for the night, there should be time to hang out with day light.

You can download a pdf from the link at the bottom of this post.

Meet Time at Trailhead: 10:00am on Saturday 23, 2016
Trailhead: 34.282853,-112.118581 This is just off the I17, heading east off Exit 259. This road is our trail, Bloody Basin Road which turns into Forest Service Road 269. For the most part it is a maintained Forest Service road. It can be accomplished by 2WD vehicles with some clearance. For those of you who have attended the Fat Tire event, expect it to be something like that.

Meeting at Carefree: 9:00am at Chevron next to McDonalds to convoy up to the trailhead, make sure to fuel up before the trail!

Overnight Campsite: We will set up camp here 3408'28.9"N 11147'30.0"W and this is where will have our potluck cookout. If you can not attend. Please allow time to rest, and plan for driving in the dark if you are heading back out.

Here is the general area that is near the campsite, this is a well signed and maintained area (34.155943, -111.821740). This is a main intersection where the campsite area is if you are coming from the West or the South.

CB channel 17
HAM 2m Simplex 146.430
HAM 2m Repeater 147.360 Tone:162.2 Offset: + 0.600 Mhz

Hammer - burgers and buns, ketchup, pickles, mustard, cheese quesadilla, salsa, grill, plates and napkins, firewood
Pinchel - firewood, table, coffee pot, smores
Chuy - carne and polo asada tacos, frill, propane, canopy, tables
XterrasNameIsMolly - Dessert
thupertrooper - hotdogs and buns, grill, green fuel
Azfronty99 +1 - brats and chips, propane grill
xZilla - bulk case of eggs, bacon for breakfast, burgers
88High - water and soda or energy drinks
Travis -
Dan B - chili and cobler
FirstXRS - firewood
stoicV - Firewood and food
14Frontier - Brauts & buns
AZGeorge +1 - kickass bean dip and chips, green fuel
FieldDay -
sonata7245 +1 - plasticware, bean salad, firewood
FieldDay -

xTiki -
m.sainz12 - +1 rider
TeguTerra -

Not Attending

Please list if you will be attending, if you will be camping either Friday or Saturday night, and if you would like to participate in a potluck Saturday after the run.  If you will be participating please post what you would like to bring and number of people you'll be bringing.

Also, if you will be hanging out with us at the campsite after the trail for the potluck or just to rest up a bit, please plan on bringing some firewood.

Also, for anyone who is camping the night before at the campsite, they would have to travel all the way west in the morning, since that will be our trail starting point. This is a long trail, and travelling in a group, the bigger the group the longer the trail time. So plan to allow more time to meet at the trailhead, or at the least somewhere on the trail.

We won't know the weather conditions until that week, but there are plenty of washes that can get flooded pretty quick in the case of rain. We do not recommend anyone to attempt crossing them, especially at night. Other than that, the night temps in Arizona are chilly as it is, there is some elevation that might allow for frost or slight freezing conditions so be prepared if there is a drop in temperature.

We're all looking forward to this run as it should be a lot of fun, not a stressful trail at all, and as close as it is to Phoenix I expect a lot of attendance.

AZXC Admins

I will be attending, depending on how many others I would be for a fire/camp both nights.

I will be attending and will have my wife and kids with,  probably wont be camping though.  What time are we aiming for to be on the trails by? 

I plan to attend, maybe one or two guests. Will this be a kid friendly event for the camp out or an adults only type of camp? What are the Friday camp/trail plans? 

X2 on bringing in wood there isn't much stuff around to burn and mostly everything is alive and standing in that area. On our last trip we burned about 5 bags of wood from the local gas station in one night.

Its a nice long flat dispersed camp area. The pictures are from October this year.

I would be up for a pre-run of the trail too.


pinchel (Rob):
I'm planning to attend. I work Saturdays but I put in a request to be off that weekend. I will hopefully hear back soon.

I have a couple card tables I can bring along with some propane.


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