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1st Gen Steering Gear Box

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pinchel (Rob):
I just gotta figure out what rebuild parts I would need to find out that route. Looks like I would need these maybe:

Steering Gear Input Shaft Seal
Steering Gear Pitman Shaft Seal
Steering Gear Seal Kit

So, after looking at the labor involved, I decided I'm going to order it from RockAuto.

pinchel (Rob):

--- Quote from: DBAX on January 07, 2016, 09:52:25 AM ---I found out (the hard way) Gen1 steering gear box' are prone to leaks caused by pressure from leaving the wheels turned while parked, and the engine running. Pressure builds internally and poof!

--- End quote ---

Hmmm, interesting concept. Nice job Nissan.

Hammer (Avi):
I know the older Altima and Sentra models were plagued with power steering issues, and my X is leaking PS fluid now.. 

pinchel (Rob):
Has anyone rebuilt this?

pinchel (Rob):
Thinking I might just pour some leak fix in there... lol


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