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CB Antenna Setup

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pinchel (Rob):
I moved some threads from the general discussion to here to consolidate everyone's ideas.


--- Quote from: Chuy on December 31, 2015, 06:36:48 PM ---Can you guys post some pics of your CB installs and antenna bracket locations? Im about to do mine but Im not sure where to mount the CB or antenna bracket.

--- End quote ---

And I had the same battle . . . I wanted ease yet functionality.  I love the rear mounts, but my research said the best place for an antenna is on the roof due to ground plane considerations (your car forms a ground plane that the signal does not go through very well).  Rear mounts means you broadcast to the rear quite well.  So said the research . . .

On my previous X, I put the antenna in the roof.  I just couldn't bring myself to putting a bigass hole in the roof of my 2015 X, so I opted for a glass mount.  I did so understanding the risk that if I broke the windshield (and who doesn't in AZ), that I might have to buy another antenna.  Well, my glass guy (Chuck @ MCA Autoglass, 602-919-4555) carries 3M doublestick tape just like what came with it, so when I did replace the windshield, he moved the antenna over to the new glass.  When you need a new windshield (or a chip repair), call Chuck.

The real downside to my installation is the wind noise - when the antenna is vertical, the mid-load coil roars as the air moves past it.  If I lay it back, the noise goes away, but now I'm broadcasting to airplanes.  <sigh>  This really isn't a big deal - only time I've ever used the CB is while wheeling - truckers all switched to Facebook Messenger and very few use CB's any more.

Attached is a pic of my windshield mount.

Now I'm not saying this is the way to go - it works for me.  I like the rear-mounts - I'm just not going to change something that works - not just yet. 

I still need to tune it - maybe next wheeling trip Hammer can bring an SWR meter and we can all tune our antennas :)

PitSnipe (Kyle):
CB mounted in the center console.

PA horn under the hood

Antenna is mounted on the right rear above the tail lamp.

I also have an external speaker under the dash so I don't have to keep my console lid open.

Hammer (Avi):
I did drill a hole in my roof, and ran the 2 meter Ham to the driver side hood. 

AZ Prospector:
ran a hand held with a lil-will for a a while and have been noticing very poor performance so it was time for a long over due update.  Drove over to firesitck and spoke with a tech on suggested locations.  Due to my roof rack (not grounded) and Wilson booster in the back he suggested a hood mount on the drivers side using the Trunk-Lip Antenna Mount with 3' Fire Fly Antenna.  The cable follows the cable bundle on the drivers side and is fished around the center console to my arkpak behind the passenger seat.  Xterra is very limited on where a CB can be installed so I just mounted it to the arkark for now.  I also plugged it right into the arkpak terminals for power.  still need to balance system and i am not sold on the trunk-lip mount (seams iffy)


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