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AZXC Cookoff Planning!

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pinchel (Rob):
All right let's do this! Share your thoughts, this used to be a regular event but participation dwindled. So I updated the thread title to general cookoff, perhaps we can generate interest for other food choices. This is to be an event separate from camping or trail runs, just a get together of food pleasure.

I think the main questions will be:

How many want to participate in making chili? How many will attend? Location? Spring or Fall?

So let's see who'd want to participate, and no your chili doesn't have to already be award winning. Just another reason to eat, drink and be merry.

I'll start with quick survey.

Sounds like a good time, I would be in for this. Will this be an off-road or camping event?

XterrasNameIsMolly (Justin):
Any excuse for me to take Molly off-roading and camping, and I am in!

pinchel (Rob):
I think typically it has been a hosted event at a local park or someone's home.

I think it'd be cool to make it an Offroad adventure and to have to cook the chili on an open fire! Haha


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