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CANVAZ October 2016 - Hosted by NV?

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pinchel (Rob):
This years CANVAZ is being hosted by the Nevada club and will be held in TBD.  Planning is currently underway and additional info can be found on TBD.

We will keep this page updated as details become finalized and you can RSVP to the event here. 

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Any new information on this?

Hello Everyone !

First off I'm Andrew, one of the Vegas guys. I drive a white 2012 Titan Swapped X, I have met some of you in the past and look forward to meeting the rest of you. I will be organizing CANVAZ as the Vegas club will be hosting the event this year.

Tentatively we are looking at the weekend of  10/15 to host the event but I will most likely post up a poll here and on SCCX and see what gets the best availability for everyone.

I was also thinking with the 3 different clubs it may be best to start a CANVAZ 2016 Facebook page to coordinate the event this year, but please give your feedback on that and let me know what you think will work best for everyone.

Looking forward to hosting this year we are going to try and make it a memorable one for sure, camping, wheeling, t-shirts, stickers, debauchery and good times all in order. Like I said please give your feedback as to how you prefer I post all the upcoming details of the event (FB, TNX, forums etc.. )

- Andrew   

XterrasNameIsMolly (Justin):
I look forward to it! I hope it stays early October, much easier for me than late October!

A private facebook group would be best I think.


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