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CANVAZ October 2016 - Hosted by NV?

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--- Quote from: xZilla on April 26, 2016, 01:42:42 PM ---A private facebook group would be best I think.

--- End quote ---

I agree with this completely, I think the SCCX guys are on board with this as well. So as soon as I create the group I will let everyone know on here and I will also try to keep this thread updated as well with the planning updates.


pinchel (Rob):
Facebook group is fine, I guess we can recycle it for every year. Or you could have the NV rigs join this forum and we can create a separate section for CANVAZ, just like the GoneMOAB.

Hammer (Avi):
Facebook makes more sense for multi state events.  Having guys log into this forum once every three years to check out an event doesn't make a lot of sense and passwords get forgotten. 

pinchel (Rob):
I just noticed that Treadlightly has an event October 15th, so for those that don't make it to CANVAZ2016, it would be a good local event to attend and show our support for.


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