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White Tanks Cleanup (Miller Rd) Apr 16, 2016

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I just received this email from TreadLightly!  They are organizing a cleanup in the White Tank Mountains (off of Miller Rd and I-10) on Saturday, April 16th starting at 8:00am:

When: Saturday, April 16th, 2016
Time: 8:00am 2:00 pm
Where: White Tanks Mountains (Miller Road)

Directions: The White Tanks Project Site is located off of I-10 and Miller Road. Off I-10 take exit 114 to Miller Road, turn right on Miller Road, left on Tonopah Salome Hwy, keep left at the fork passed the trail service yard and follow posted signs to project site. Volunteers will also be on site providing more information and directions.

Parking:  Park in rows as directed by signs and volunteers when signing parking along a road, park only on one side of the road to prevent blocking traffic. Drive cautiously wherever you go on this day. Safety first!

Additional Information:  The area is very popular with recreational target shooters because of its close proximity to the Phoenix area. Unfortunately, this area is also prone to illegal dumping, littering, and debris that needs to be cleaned up.

As they mentioned above, this area is full of shooting debris and illegal dumping.  I realize that it is someone else's trash, but it is OUR desert.

***If you are against picking up trash that someone else left behind, don't attend.***

I will be there because I want to keep our trails clean and open.

Map to area:,-112.61055/@33.4483808,-112.6231449,97853m/data=!3m1!1e3

That is right up the road from where I live. That area is a hot spot for recreational shooters and always packed on the weekends with people shooting and blowing stuff up with tannerite. Lots of little shooting pull offs in that area. Watson road (the road before to Miller) use to be even worse until they signed the land STL and put houses nearby then building the beautiful hiking park. Lots of cool little hills in the area to ride quads, dirt bikes, and to shoot. Is this still considered BLM land everything around it is private and STL? This is a great spot to keep BLM because it would keep the trigger trash somewhat contained. I do feel a little bad for the residents residing off Tonopah Rd.

An OHV activist I know made a great point that you will never be able to stop trigger trash but that we can keep it contained to a specific area. Hopefully they have a good turn out I have picked up a ton of shit from other shooters in that area when I use it. Its a fantastic spot for both short/long range shooting and OHV recreation.

If you are a person who makes brass items or smelts it this is a bomber area to collect metal for your next DIY project! 

Hammer (Avi):
Too bad this is on the same day as the Sedona run.  A great cause and I hope we get some members out to help out.  Thanks for posting. 


--- Quote from: Hammer (Avi) on March 17, 2016, 08:24:24 AM ---Too bad this is on the same day as the Sedona run.  A great cause and I hope we get some members out to help out.  Thanks for posting.

--- End quote ---

No worries.  My X is not ready for the trails yet (I've got a few broken leaves on my passenger side spring pack).

The NRA is also on board with this cleanup!  They just sent out a mass email to their members:

"Arizona: Volunteers Needed for NRA-sponsored Cleanup at White Tank Recreation Area"

The same information was given as the TreadLightly! email (see my 1st post above), but they added the following request for their members:

"Please also wear a hat or shirt with the NRA logo to let sponsors and volunteers know that NRA members care about our public lands."

I wish my head wasn't so large, otherwise, I would wear my NRA hat (one size fits most - haha).


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