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FS: Pro4x OEM Bilsteins (Rear) and Bilstein Coilovers (Front)


XterrasNameIsMolly (Justin):
UPDATE 3/17/16

These two items (2 pairs) that are for sale are off a 2015 Xterra with 7800 miles on them. Every mile in Arizona - no salt

SOLD Bilstein Coilovers (with in-coil shocks) - $125.00 plus shipping
SOLD Bilstein Rears - $60.00 plus shipping

Still for SALE:
Prices negotiable if packaged:

OEM UCAs - $85.00 for pair plus shipping

OEM Ubolt setup - $55.00 for pair plus shipping

OEM Cam bolts - $40.00 for all 4 plus shipping

PM me interest please

Hell , I will take them for $150.00 man.

PitSnipe (Kyle):
Any of this still available?

XterrasNameIsMolly (Justin):
Updated: UCAs, OEM UBolt, and OEM Cam bolts still FS

PitSnipe (Kyle):
What do you still have for sale?


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