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Looking for opinions on sliders.  I've read negative press for xoskel and Rocky-Road (not quality, but business practice).  So I'm looking at Shrockworks ( and White Knuckle ( 

Any commentary about who to select, what to look for and what to avoid?  Any others to consider?

So far, I've got 9 hard years on my Shrock sliders, and they have held up extremely well.  I definitely suggest buying sliders with two center supports (for a minimal upcharge) instead of just one.

PitSnipe (Kyle):
Love my Heftyfab sliders

George, did you see the sliders I had on my rig during the BA run?

Hammer (Avi):
If Fangars has them in stock, it would be a local pickup.  Not sure he is still in the business though. 


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