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Help with PRG lift install 5/21

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I have the 5100 Bilstien's and the dual AAL's on order from PRG.  Greg had them in stock and said I should get them next week.
I'm planning a week long southern UT trip in early June and would like to get it installed before I leave.  Anyone willing to lend a hand/tools to get this installed.
I'll admit I no mechanic, but from what I've read on and some videos I've watched it doesn't' seem too difficult if you have the right tools and an extra set of hands.

I have:
2 jack stands
Wheel chocks
wrenches/ratchet set
Stock jack and Hi-lift (if I need to lift for jack stands, though not fond of the idea.)
possibly some C-Clamps, I'll have to dig to know for sure.

hydraulic jack
Coil compressor
Ideally someone more mechanically inclined than me  ;D
garage, all I have is an uncovered driveway. I can make it work if needed, but not ideal this heat.

I'd appreciate any help the could be offered!


Where are you located? I won't be in AZ until the first weekend in June, otherwise I'd help.

Central Phoenix.
I think the weekend of the June 4/5 would be cutting it too close.  I'm planning on heading out later that week or the next weekend.

Thanks for the offer though!

Thupertrooper (Victor):
I think a mod day is due.
i have some heims ordered waiting on those and some spacers i haven't installed.
Also starting to get hot so early morning is a must.

XterrasNameIsMolly (Justin):
Depending on date, id be happy to help with mod day!


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