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June sat 25. - tues 28

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i am free june sat 25- tuesday 28. Any one planning on any runs in state?

If someone wants to come down to the tucson area i would be down to escort atleast 40 minutes deep into charlough gap, or lead up to the obstacles by chiva falls.

pinchel (Rob):
sounds tempting, what are the temps up in those mountains, hot, right?

It's HOT right now but suppose to cool down next week. I'd love to I've been itching to do a run. But i just did Chiva and  charlough gap is a little to much rock crawling for me and my dad. He's never been off road so i need to take it easy on him.  I think I will run broken arrow on the 18th or 19th.

Hot down here in tucson, as a rule of thumb its about 5* cooler than phoenix.

Thupertrooper (Victor):
We could always meet half way around globe or superior.


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