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Xterra Body Lift Install Sat June 25th

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I plan to do my body lift Saturday 0900 June 25th. Its going to be HOT but I will have drinks and provide lunch if anyone wants to stop by and lend a hand or just see the show.

I have helped do a couple of body lifts in the past but never on a newer vehicle like an Xterra, so it should be a fun learning experience. From what I can tell this can be an all day project so I might be working into the night and even the next day if things go sideways. My lift kit should be in by then too so if I finish early ill move onto that install next.

I live on the Super West Side so if you cant come no problem. If you have any advice or tips let me know, I plan to start prepping the X Friday when I get off work.

I did a condensed version on TNX, so look under the how to's those took me 18-20 hours when I did it by myself (first mod and was following the extended version), but the last one I did took like 4 hours, but I had someone else helping.

If you weren't doing it that day, I'd help you, but that Saturday is the only day I've set aside for the Saguaro Lake trip...


pinchel (Rob):
Depends on my schedule, but put me down for maybe.

Same day as CSNE Butcher Jones meet :o


--- Quote from: Rubio480 on June 10, 2016, 10:08:03 AM ---Same day as CSNE Butcher Jones meet :o

--- End quote ---

I'm fairly set on the date, its going down that weekend one way or another. I might even take Friday the 24th off just to prep the vehicle and get the easy stuff started.

I have to get it done, I would like to push it back but I'm in a little bit of a time crunch we plan to sell our house this summer. I'm trying to get all of the projects that require a garage knocked out ASAP before I put all of my tools in storage.

I'm not a CSNE member, the first I read about your meet was in the chat window. Maybe next time


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