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Jan 2010 Meeting - Jan 8th 6:30pm @ 1st Class Auto Body

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Are we planning on holding a January 2010 meeting?  Even if we don't have a meeting, we should decide if AZXC is going to sponsor / donate to the 4 Peaks Cleanup in February.

See link for 4 Peaks Cleanup:

EDIT:  Meeting Location
First Class Autobody
3002 North Civic Center Boulevard
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

(From the intersection of Scottsdale Rd and Thomas, go east on Thomas, and then north on N Civic Center Blvd.  First Class Autobody is on the west side of the street).

I think we should sponsor it. Club funds are somewhat low, but I hink individual donations would be good. I would be willing to throw a couple a bucks towards it.  :)

I, too, will kick in some money.  Hopefully more will be willing to step up at the meeting on Jan. 8th??

In accordance with the bylaws  ;)....election of officers is to take place at the February meeting, with officers official taking their roles March 1st. This means nominations need to happen at the January meeting, ideally. The other option is to post your nomination in a 'Nomination' thread to be created at a later date.

Although I'm sure it will not be an issue ::), I will respectfully decline any nominations for office. I just want to wheel (and be my usual a**hole self) in 2010. It has been a great 2.5 years as President, I think we have accomplished some good things as a club and had some fun in the process - thank you all. I am excited for what things new leadership will bring to AZXC in 2010.  8)

Please, please try to make this meeting January 8th if your schedule allows. Even if only for a half-hour to get the agenda taken care of. I know we have all been busy the past few months, but clear a little time on a Friday night. If kids are an issue i.e. no sitter and don't want to bring them, bring 'em anyway! leave 'em in the car if it gets too cold. There will be pizza... ;D

I am up for donating some cashish and/or supplies.


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