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Jan 2010 Meeting - Jan 8th 6:30pm @ 1st Class Auto Body

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I will be there hopefully will be able to donate some cash also

Where is the meeting and what time is it?


--- Quote from: defibvt on December 28, 2009, 06:06:55 PM ---Where is the meeting and what time is it?

--- End quote ---

January 8th    6:30pm   @   First Class Auto Body

Looks like I might be able to make.  Probably gonna drive the Heep to get out and about and burn up some gas. ;D

I will be there, met a local who might show up as well and there is another guy who I have been trying to get there for a while now.
Not sure if either will be able to make it.
Both drive white X's.

I was going to bring a Lo Pro Lightbar or something to the meeting to donate for a raffle, but then I thought perhaps a certificate for $100 off any of my products might bring in more participants.

So thats what I am going to do, I will bring a certificate good for that amount to raffle, all proceeds go to the Fourpeaks Cleanup sponsorship.
I hope this is enough of a heads up as I was not expecting the meeting until later.

My products can be seen at


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