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Camping July 8-10th Lake Mary near Flagstaff

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Hammer (Avi):
I apologize to anyone who was hoping to have this trip on the 22nd, something came up and this is the only weekend I can lead the trip.  Please feel free to post a member event if anyone would still like to get together that weekend.  So, the plan is to head up to Lower Lake Mary the weekend of the 8th-10th.  It has been a couple years, but if memory serves there are plenty of easily accessable camp sites Here  just south of Marshal Lake. 

I plan to leave Friday, hopefully around mid day, so a caravan may be an option.  Please Post if you will be attending, when you will be able to leave, and if you would like to caravan. 

Caravan meetup location Here
Looking forward to seeing everyone.
pinchel (Rob)+1

First Convoy
3PM Friday at the McDonald on Carefree Here

Avi and the AZXC team.

Update: Just an FYI there is a fire restriction for the area, I always have trouble with the "developed recreation site"  line.  The spot we will be camping is pretty frequently camped, but I don't know if it falls under the classification as developed.   I never do until I get to a spot as they change year to year, sometimes there is a sign that says it is, and other times nothing.

Dan B:
I'm in! I haven't really camped around Flag much. I did however, camp over by Lake Mary and we had a great weekend. It was pretty civilized camping. I'd like to hit a a camp that's a little less traveled if possible. ;)

Im ready to escape this heat for a weekend, UFC 200 is July 9th. Im up for anything I haven't used my chainsaw in a while either.

Hammer (Avi):
Should we cap the distance from phoenix to say 3 hours?  I know it is tough for people to drive that far, with gas prices and everything.  Also, there are pay camp sites, but I think as a club we usually avoid those.   Currently I am thinking of a spot north of Lake Mary or east of Payson. 

Thupertrooper (Victor):
The further north the better Payson is the nearest but will be the warmest.
Pretty much no further then Flagstaff.


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