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Does AZXC do Xcursions anymore?  Are we planning anything for 2010?  So far, we have proposed that the February Xcursion should be the 4 Peaks Cleanup, and we have historically done the Fat Tire run in August.  Will AZXC have any more Xcursions outside of these two?  Or, is this not an offroading club anymore??

I hate to sound like a douche, but it seems we don't do any actual offroading as a club anymore...

Well...when was the last Xcursion or meeting you were at Ted?

I know from speaking with a couple other members and conversations via PM, text, or email with several others that people have been very busy the past few months & haven't been able to get out. Others have been sick and/or have had sick kids.

There was a Xmas tree Xcursion a couple weeks ago.

I haven't been out because of trips to CA, work, family, house projects & not having a truck that is trail ready. As the 'PRESIDENT' I shoulder some of the burden since I have not been to a meeting or Xcursion in a few months as well.  :-\

Kinda hard to get a plan together when all we have online is lurkers and no one chimes in. At meetings it is a cluster f*** of people talking about crap that has nothing to do with planning and running a club. Hell - the last meeting I was at half the people walked off to oogle their trucks or someone else's. If meeting topics are that boring - sorry.  :( I feel like a kindegarten teacher trying to get a bunch of 5 year-olds to pay attention after they just ate a bag of sugar.

I am planning a day run on MLK Day January 18th to the Coves, Florence Junction or maybe Sedona - totally up for debate as to which one.  ???

As for a meeting in January...I suggest the 8th at First Class @ 6:30pm. Get some ideas for the next few months and into the Spring. We also need to decide if the new Critchley is worthy of nomination for membership  :P apparently he is not 'official' - anyone who gets beer in an empty gallon jug for everyone @ the campfire is a good guy in my book!!!

Anyway, hopefully as the 'view count' goes up on this thread, so do the replies. Lately it has been like pulling teeth to get any dialogue going - yet there is a lot of traffic/views, go figure. If folks don't want to reply or add to the discussion at meetings - let me know and we will disslove AZXC. Otherwise, step up and make a positive contribution to the year ahead - 1 or 2 people cannot & should not do it all.

I appreciate where you're coming from Ted, but you haven't excatly given much input online or at meetings lately either. I also DO NOT disagree with you that club events have been lacking lately - both in planning & execution. Again, if there is no interest in a semi-organized club - PM, call, or email me and let me know individually your thoughts on the matter.

Mr. X:
First of all we would like to say Happy New Year to everyone.

We have attended one meeting and one excursion and had a great time.

We would like to become members of this group - it could be so much fun!  How do we do so?

We are members of another car club and they have their calendar for 2010 planned out already.  Naturally, there are dates that are 'tbd' but most of the monthly meetings, annual events and trips are planned.

Out of all the members in the club there should be a committee of people  responsible for organizing events.  Members need to decide how long they want these events to be - just a day or several days.  This should be a few people and not just shouldered on one person.

These events can be divided between several people to handle the different types of events - meetings, dinner events, excursions in or out of state.  Some of these places can be done on an annual basis.

Anyway, that's a non-members input.

Great input Mr. X! That is what we need - ideas, ideas, ideas. Hopefully you can make it to the January meeting and become 'official'. Happy 2010 to you and yours as well.

Now, who else has ideas? There has been at least 7 views of this thread already (not including mine), yet only 3 people providing input...SPEAK UP for the betterment of all!!!!

For the record, the last official Xcursion I was on was Fat Tire in August, and the last meeting was probably in April??  I have not been as active with this club as I was in the past, and that is something that I would like to fix for 2010.  If we do have the meeting on Jan 8th, I'll be there.

I would like to see this club continue and to thrive, and I agree with you Tim, all of the work shouldn't fall on You, Wally, and Adam.  I feel your pain with the meetings - it can be really difficult to get everyone to focus on club business - even for a few minutes.

I do realize that we have many lurkers on the boards, but not too many people speaking up.  That being said, there was a time where we (as a club) didn' t want to discuss club business online, so some people may be reluctant to speak up now.  Hopefully, this too, will change in 2010...

Again, I'm not trying to be difficult - I'm just trying to get some dialogue going because most of us need to be able to plan in advance for things like club meetings and Xcursions.


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