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Arizona Get Outdoors Expo 2016

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PitSnipe (Kyle):
AZ Outdoor Expo was a success. The kids and I spent four hours talking to vendors, watching the Air Dogs, fishing for catfish, watching Mutton Busting, trying to fly fish, playing Frisbee golf, and stuffing our faces with Honey Bears BBQ. Oh, and they brought a bunch of birds of prey and had about 12 different species of rattle snakes.

I picked up a knew knife from a vender that I see all over the valley. Last year I wanted one, but Hammer had bought his last one. Big shout out to The Clipper Shack. They even sharpened my pocket knife and the knife I keep in my X. If you'd like to look them up

I talked to the guys at Gordigear for quite some time. They mainly deal in roof top tents and awnings. They are Australian based, but sell out of HEI Outdoors here in Phoenix. Here is their site
Here is the Roof Top Tent display they had.

The guys over at MOAB AZ had a beautiful overland trailer with them. It was the MOAB Fort model. The nice thing about these guys is that they are based here in Phoenix. They have a few trailer models to offer and many accessory combinations. You can find them here
Here is the setup they had.

The Sportsmans Wharehouse always has a nice display with just everything youd ever want. One thing that made me laugh was this log cabin tent.

The guys over at Ralston Survival Quest had a really neat tool on display. It was called the Timahawk Ultimate Survival Tool. I could definitely see this mounted in my Xterra some day. Check this out at

Last thing I wanted to put out was the gentleman I met when we first parked. He was in a red 2nd gen X with stealthed wheels and a light bar on the roof. Sorry that I have forgotten your name. I talked with this gentleman and told him about AZXC. Lets hope he looks us up. He seemed eager when I told him about us. Here is his rig.

Looks like fun and like they had a lot going on this year.

PitSnipe (Kyle):

--- Quote from: Chuy on July 17, 2016, 07:19:26 PM ---Looks like fun and like they had a lot going on this year.

--- End quote ---

It actually seemed like this year was smaller vendor wise. Bigger though due to so many more boats and cars for sale. Half the building was boats. Nissan, Dodge, and Jeep also had vehicles on display. Fish and Game had a huge booth last year and this year was just kind of eh.

Hammer (Avi):
Looks like fun, last year was a great time, too bad I worked :(


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