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AZ Prospector:
As a hunter and prospector I am out almost every weekend during the cooler months of the year.  Summer is my time to reevaluate gear, upgrade equipment and get ready for the next season. 

The 2013 Pro 4X is my second Xterra.  I purchased a 2000 when they first came out and traded it in for the 2013.  It literally went from the dealer to a week elk hunt north of flagstaff. 7 degree weather and 30mph wind that week (it was a cold one).  Between business travel and weekend excursions, I am up to 52K miles so I spend a lot of time in my X.

I have not done much to the X as it's pretty well equipped out the door for my use.  Most improvements have been gearing it up for 3-5 days off the grid.
- ARB Fridge
- ArkPak Second Battery
- Renogy 60W folding Panel
- DEP Roof Rack
- Rear Storage Rack
- CB Radio
- Wilson Signal Booster

Upgrades this summer
- Rotopax for water/fuel on roof rack
- Powerder Coat for DEP Rack, done.  I did a quick paint job when I got it originally and put it to work for the season.  Just got it back from powder coating and wow. 

Future upgrades
- Suspension, gotta do something about the soft rear
- Skid Plates
- Front/Rear bumpers


What part of AZ are you in?

pinchel (Rob):
Welcome aboard! Got any pictures? If you need help, most of use some sort of image storage, I personally use Flikr.

Thupertrooper (Victor):
Welcome 8)

PitSnipe (Kyle):
Welcome from Surprise. We have a meet and greet tonight at Top Golf in Scottsdale if you would like to meet some members.


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