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AZXC Camping at Lake Marshall/Lake Mary 7/8/16 - 7/10-16

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PitSnipe (Kyle):
This camping trip was a great experience. Too bad I had to come back on Saturday. From eating Richards very tasty chili to the hike looking for geocaches to the 1am wheeling to Rob and I trying to play Pokémon Go. Oh, and cant forget about the Turkey Vultures at 3am. lol.  I had a great time and cant wait to go again. Here are some pics of the trip and click the link to see the whole album.

The Camp

1AM Night Wheeling Fun

The Great Arizona Trail

Richard cooking his chili

Impromptu Trip To Lake Mary

Here is the link to all of the pics I took of the trip.

Looks like you guys had a blast, I wish we could have made it out.

Great pictures! 8)

Thupertrooper (Victor):
Sweet pictures guys

Looks like a fun time, what are the temps like in that area?


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