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New Shirt Order Deadline 7/18/2016

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Hammer (Avi):
I have gotten a couple requests for shirts and hoodies so I am going to try to get an order completed in time for Fat Tire.  So, T shirt options are either black or dark green this time, hoodies black only.  The hoodies will be the zip up style we have been using.  As always, T shirts $20 hoodies $35. 


PitSnipe (Kyle):
Put me down for 1 green XL t shirt

Any chance of getting some velcro morale patches made?

pinchel (Rob):

--- Quote from: Chuy on July 11, 2016, 08:22:50 AM ---Any chance of getting some velcro morale patches made?

--- End quote ---

Hmmm, patches sound interesting but I think we'd have to make a separate thread. I wonder if our shirt printer does embroidery? Avi?

Hammer (Avi):
I'll have to look into that, do you have a picture of what your looking for?  I've seen patches but never with Velcro, would it be the AZXC logo?


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