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Cold Beer and Power Trails 2-4pm 7/23


pinchel (Rob):
Cold Beer and Power Trails
    by JUST HIKE   GC6MYH1
House of Brews

2PM - 4PM 

When you enter the front doors, we'll be all the way to the right.


Get out of the heat and join me for some good food and cold beer!


A few of us are planning on re-doing the F2K series. See GC3D78V   for more details on the old one.  We need CONTAINERS wink Film canisters, preforms, pill bottles.  Anything will help.  We'll need about 400 containers.  This will be the biggest power trail closest the the valley!!  We'll try to put out 300 with some extra containers at three different spots along the way.  If you want to donate a 50cal ammo can, I'll buy you a beer!!!  If you don't have containers but want to donate log sheets (film can size) we would appreciate that also.


At this event, we will set a date to place all these caches.  If you want to help out and place some, please let me know.




There are many who don't do power trails but we'd still like your containers.  This is a positive thing where fun will be had by all!  Any negative comments will be deleted.  Cheers!

No purchase necessary for this event. You can come in and enjoy yourself without buying anything.

pinchel (Rob):
If no one has other plans,  I'd be interested to hit this event. I'm not sure if it's family friendly, sounds like part of it is at a bar


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