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Xterra idler arm from calmini

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Is there anyone that is familiar with calmini steering system for 2001-04 Xterra? I hit some trails this past weekend and my idler arm was so loose. I think it needs a new bushing. And calmini sells just the idler arm for $350 not just bushings. I have to keep tightening the bolt under the idler arm so the front doesn't shake. But by doing that it creates a loud screech  while turning and it's more stiff. Not sure on what to do so hopefully someone can help me out. Thank you.

pinchel (Rob):
If it's loose at the bushing, replace the bushing. How is the rest of the steering?

PitSnipe (Kyle):
I believe Azfronty99 has lots of experience in this area

The steering is fine. And the company doesn't sell the bushing. So I have to find somewhere that has or can make one. I won't know  what kind untill I take it off but can't do that since It is a daily driver.

This is my idler arm


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