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Black X at Handcrafted Car Audio in Chandler Sat 8/6


awfritz (Wayne):
Was at Handcrafted Car Audio in Chandler setting an appointment for install of a new head unit/SiriusXM tuner/rear camera.  The girl there took me on a brief tour of the facility and in the shop was a black '09+ X with an ARB front bumper and a nice LED light bar. Hood was up, it appeared to be getting some goodies added.  Very nice rig.

Do they do CB hard mount?

awfritz (Wayne):

--- Quote from: Ghostrider on August 07, 2016, 04:58:26 PM ---Do they do CB hard mount?

--- End quote ---

I don't know.  They also do off-road lighting set-ups and seem to be 4x4 friendly, so maybe...

Pretty sure that was me Jon was making a custom mount for my new HAM Radio and also mounting a second antenna.
But mine's a 2012 ProEx ;D


Thupertrooper (Victor):
I see AWIZRD's rig almost every morning going north on Power.


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