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LCA Replacement - 1st Gen 4wd


pinchel (Rob):
Yes, I did it. Almost. More to come soon.

You have to remove the hub enough to pull out the axel for room. Assuming you are replacing the LCA with the bushings and ball joint already in it. I gather it would be much easier to replace the whole thing IF you are in a dry climate like Arizona where all the bolts slide out with no problem.

I had issues and spent the most of my time figuring things out that are not explained in other DIY write-ups or on the FSM.

Also, spent a lot of extra time on a stupid allen bolt that was seized, and another one that was stripped. Otherwise, this could have been a 4 to 6 hour job. Instead it was a two - three day job.

Details TBP...

pinchel (Rob):
Well the X is back together. I promise. I will post what pics I have and rants and raves, and tips. This was a PITA for me but I doubt it will be when and if I have to ever replace the driver side LCA.


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