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My intro and a test pic.

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My name is Rick and I drive a white 2009 4X4 Xterra that I am slooowly getting set up for off-road. I met John from Xoskel a few days ago and he directed me here.

Hello Rick! And Welcome! ;D

Thank- you for the replies and welcomes, RJCX and DZRT !
Conundrum- thank you for the pic assist !

I don't usually go out off roading just for the sake of getting the truck dirty but my hobby takes me to some pretty remote areas of the southwest US and Mexico.
I'll just let the pics explain my hobby....

Me risking life and limb for a picture...

And here's what I'm going out in search of....

Sorry if I went a little picture heavy but rattlesnake photography is obviously an obsession of mine  !

Welcome, Friggin' great pics! And great, now I'm going to go to bed. Snake nightmares here I come..  :P

Holy CRAPOLA I just got the chills......but oddly enough, I want to play!!!


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