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PitSnipe (Kyle):
So we are contemplating making an AZXC Calendar. We need to know how many people would buy one and then see what our options are as far as pricing goes.
The calendar would most likely consist of past ToTM winners from that month they won.
If anyone has any other ideas please comment.

I think it would be cool to have one up in the garage.  It really all depends on how much they will cost.  I am sure like most things that it will be cheaper as a whole if more people order/want one. 

Thupertrooper (Victor):
I would take 2

XterrasNameIsMolly (Justin):
With discounts for TOTM winners? :). Deal!

PitSnipe (Kyle):

--- Quote from: XterrasNameIsMolly (Justin) on August 31, 2016, 11:01:25 AM ---With discounts for TOTM winners? :). Deal!

--- End quote ---

The discount is being able to see your rig in the calendar not once but twice


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