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AZXC on Instagram! Follow us & We'll follow back! @AZXterraClub

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pinchel (Rob):
AZXC is now on Instagram! Follow us & We'll follow back! @AZXterraClub

We'll be sharing images from past and upcoming events. At some point we'll have a file share account where you can add photos for us, if you do not have Instagram. If you have Instagram post your account info here and we'll follow back. Be sure to tag us when appropriate.

Also, if you use our club hashtags and we'll be sure to like your posts when appropriate.


Thupertrooper (Victor):
Finally lol 8)
Expect some picture for this weekend

Hammer (Avi):
Great job guys!

pinchel (Rob):
Be sure you either send us the pics, tag us @AZXterraclub or use the hashtag #AZXC #AZPC #AZTC #AZFC so we can find your posts.

pinchel (Rob):
Feel free to attach pics here and we'll post them if they are not inappropriate. If you don't want your plate info posted be sure to say so when you attach the pic.


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