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Thupertrooper (Victor):
FallWinterI want to hear some dates you guys have off for the following fall season. Im thinking getting together after CANVAZ but will like to see what days you guys are free.

I will start a poll with the options that best works with everyone.

This can be for camping 4wheeling aslong as we get together.

Unfortunately i been slacking on my rig to prep it for CANVAZ that the following weekends i will only be able to do mod days or meet and greets.

I would like to do Smiley Rock...

Also, if we want, we can do a pool party/meet and greet at my house, and at the community pool, which is huge. It's a heated pool, and I believe there is a grill there, and if not, we can at least do a little mod day meet and greet at my place. If we want to use that as a home base for a chili event, go wheel crown king or some other places close by, we can do that.


Thupertrooper (Victor):
As for smiley rock Eron from CSNE has been talking about doing that trail when it cools down so i was thinking combining both clubs for a run. Maybe Sedona broken arrow night run as Avi mentioned.

I can most likely make it to your house for a mod day if we have some projects out there. My projects at the moment involve most of my tools at home but. (Rear bumper materials and welder). Im willing to help out.

Thupertrooper (Victor):
From what i see first options would be the beggining of November
Smiley Rock in Jerome for a morning or day  maybe another trail during the afternoon. Then do Broken Arrow in Sedona at night. It will be really cold to camp but if we get a group to camp i will join.

Let me hear some feedback.

2 weekends in November that best work for me are the
5th or 12th

Im thinking if we plan ahead of time we can get people to get days off if needed too.

Thupertrooper (Victor):
Alright the 5th is 4 peaks clean up so looking like the 12th.


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