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January Xcursion - Lake Pleasant, Jan 30th

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We Phoenicians are so blessed to have a wonderful lake with so much to offer right in our back yard!

Our January Xcursion will be a camping trip to the north side of Lake Pleasant on January 30th. Because of the ever changing water line, the exact location will be determined a few days before and communicated to those going. The lake level right now is at 70 percent and rising. At last Lake xcursion, the level was at 50 percent so the last camping spot is under quite a few feet of water now. But the general location will be in the area between Goose Bay and Coles Bay.

Roads leading to this area are fine for 2 wheel drive.

Camping fee is $10 per night, Entry only is $6 and boats are $2 all payable to the toll booth on the day of.

This will be a “come when ever works for you” deal so we can accommodate for everyone’s schedules and not have to rush to be at a meeting spot.  If you don’t want to camp, then you can come for lunch or dinner or breakfast for a few hours. A few of us will be rolling out on Saturday at 11-ish from my house and all are welcome to tag along (come a bit early for a cup of coffee). We can meet others at the air down point about 45 minutes after that time. We can also meet anyone who wants to come later and doesn’t know the area and show them the way in.

All behaved, non-aggressive, friendly dogs with good intentions, that play well with others are welcome (there’s nothing like a bully dog to ruin a camping trip for other dogs or a dog that pees on someone’s tent).

Brittany and Marcus will be pre-camping on Friday at the chosen spot for anyone who can’t get camping in on Saturday night. They can post up details for that and all are welcome to join them. We will meet up with them on Saturday afternoon and they will be heading out sometime later after that.

Wally and I will bring our kayaks and all are welcome to use them. I highly recommend wearing a life vest (you don’t want an ear full about how mine saved my life once) so if mine or Wally’s won’t fit, bring your own.

I will do a little trail run sometime during the day so anyone can join in on that.

At the amphitheater on the most south side of the Lake, they are having a Stargazing presentation at 7:30 pm for a couple hours. The fee for this event is covered in your park entry fee. I’d really like to go to this!

After all playing is done for the night, good beer, good camp fire and good friends will be the next order of business.

Post up if you will be attending.

Feel free to post up if you will be bringing something to share with the group.
These are some things that we typically share:
Fire wood
Breakfast items such as eggs and bacon
Dinner items such as burgers, dogs and chicken wings.
Boats or other recreational toys
(Too much firewood and not enough beer would be a bad thing.)

Edit:Corrected date
Edit: Added head count list

Head Count List
DZRT / DZRT DOG – Meet at House, bringing hot dogs, buns
Onix – Meet at House, bringing eggs
MBS00 Team– Meet at campsite
AZ-Ted – Meet at campsite
Stout X – Meet at campsite, bringing firewood
RJCX – Meet at campsite
Conundrum- Meet at campsite
Skooter x2 - Meet at air down spot
2xplore x2 - Meet at air down spot

Awesome Brenda!  I'll be there!

Can you edit the date listed above to be Jan 30th (instead of the 20th)?  And maybe add the date to the Subject line.

Thanks for posting this Xcursion!!!

I will be there.  I can bring some firewood.


I will do my best to try and make this.  I will be working in Tempe Saturday morning and may head out after that to spend the afternoon hanging out.

X is in the shop at ABC Nissan.
Probably cant make it. So much work to do I can not spare much time as it is but I would like to see more of this area.
My wife and I often head for places on the east side of the 17.


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