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GEN2 hubs

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I've had to replace both front hubs on my '07 at 160k miles in the last 6 months. Any other GEN2 owners have/had issues w/ their front hub bearings going bad (not the CV axle)?

Thupertrooper (Victor):
I have heard with multiple water crossings they can go bad earlier. I have yet to replace mine.

Pretty common...most go after 100k or sooner, if you do a lot of wheeling and have wheel spacers.


Hammer (Avi):
I was told mine was bad, swapped it, and the old one looked fine. 

While the hub may look fine, it's the internal bearing which goes bad, and you'd know if it did by the sound emanating from your wheel.. Further wear will cause the wheel speed sensor to fail and then the caliper will seize, the piston squeezing the pads down on the rotor etc..


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