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Returning to the Forum from Scottsdale

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Hi there!

I've been a part of the forum previously, and now I'm back! I drive a 2005 X, base model, 2wd, in a gorgeous brown color. I bought The Beast (aka Beasty) in November of 2013 and have loved her since day one. She has oversized and Plastidipped wheels, the spare on the roof, and several stickers for added horsepower. I like to push her limited as a 2-wheel drive, but we have fun and don't get stuck often. 😁

I'm glad to be part of this club, and enjoy meeting you guys!

Some things I forgot to mention:

I appraise real estate throughout Arizona, and sometimes end up in the wackiest of places! I'm always down for roadtrips or day-cruises, so post it up!

Also, feel free to find me on Facebook - Carolyn Jackman - or to follow me on Instagram - @cuhcuhcarolyn.

My husband takes a majority of the photos of my car, so if you're ever interested in a photo session, let me know! Day-cruise, picnic, photos! 🤘

pinchel (Rob):
Welcome back!

Thanks! I never thought that there could be so many supportive groups relating to cars! I'm excited to be a part of such an awesome crew!

Welcome back. 2wd here to :)


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