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Smiley Rock/Sedona 12/10/16

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Thupertrooper (Victor):

--- Quote from: Hammer (Avi) on November 06, 2016, 01:43:17 AM ---Unfortunately the only Saturday I have off in December is the 10th.

--- End quote ---

Changed the date to the 10th

Hopefully it doesnt interfere with others plans that were planning to go.
I had a family get together on the 3rd that was planned late so had to change it.

So far the plan is the same just different weekend.

Hammer (Avi):
I should be able to make this. 

i hope to join on this. just debating if i should try to throw a front lokka in before to maximize fun again.

XterrasNameIsMolly (Justin):
I think Kelsey and I will be in on this!

PitSnipe (Kyle):
I am out. I work both jobs and have a work xmas party that night.


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