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2017 Kickoff Run Suggestions

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Thupertrooper (Victor):
Date: January 20th to the 22nd
Location: Hackberry Creek/Oak Flats

Camping and wheeling

Planning left:
Cook out
Pot Luck
Who bring what

I am partial to the Bloody Basin area and Florence, Im up for an AZXC group sponsored camp/potluck and willing to help out any way I can, but I don't do hot dogs and hamburgers. Im about brats, steak, ribs, chili, BBQ, roasting a pig, goat etc. I enjoy putting in work, to make it happen!

I personally enjoy eating other peoples food and drinking their drinks ;D and sharing my food and drinks!

DSC_0186 by Ernie Ruiz, on Flickr

Thupertrooper (Victor):
Atleast we know we wont starve if Chuy is there lol.

First want to narrow down an area that will allow 2wd members to get there but also 4wd for the others to explore.

I suggest doing a kickoff run in the Perkinsville Rd area. There are plenty of options for different types of wheelers, and we can all camp near the riverbank near Perkinsville at the end of the day.

Here are some runs that can be taken from perkinsville:

Perkinsville to Williams: easy, wide-open dirt roads with nothing too challenging. Great for 2WDs, beginners or those that like to "overland".

Haystack loop: a short little trail loop with a few small ditches and rock features. Doable in a stock 4WD X with good driving. Some optional features in the creek and mud holes can be challenging.

Smiley rock trail: moderate. 285s, 4WD, and skids required. Very technical in sections.

Smiley rock creek: very technical. 35s, full skids, and lockers reccomended. Attempt the infamous waterfall section...

Attached is a picture of the proposed camp spot. If you want pictures of the other trails, let me know and I can go out and take some pics.

Only issues I could see being a problem is that Perkinsville is a highly volcanic area, with a lot of ranching going on too. When it rains, it is death mud. By that, I mean my 35" mud tires get clogged and you can drift in 4WD. Depending on the weather, it can range from dusty to super muddy.


--- Quote from: Thupertrooper (Victor) on November 03, 2016, 07:48:19 PM ---
No date yet that will be in another poll. This is just to see where you guys would like to wheel/camp. Both 2wd/4wd friendly.

Lets start off with some areas

--- End quote ---

What are some wheeling areas in Globe? That is an awesome place, I have done a few trails there in my Jeep but they were pretty rough. If the Oak Flats camp ground area is still open that would make for a nice group camp/picnic area. I believe they might still have facilities and built in grills. My favorite hiking trail is in the area.


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