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XterrasNameIsMolly (Justin):
Hey Everyone,

Right before my wedding and honeymoon last week I went off-roading with some family members while they were in town.

We did Broken Arrow in Sedona. I have done this trail probably about 100 times, and this time it was a lot rougher condition then I have ever seen it, it appeared someone went through after a heavy rainstrom and just destroyed the trail.

Besides the point, my real question: A few times on each run I did (I did the complete run twice), there was two parts where I dug in my rear leafspring shackle connection point if that makes sense. The bottom of the shackle, is where I bottomed out, (2 times going up the Pink Jeep stop rock, the rock they stop going down and jerk the riders, I went up it), I bashed my shackles in the rock, and then twice going down Devils Staircase.

I was curious, what options would I have to increase this clearance? This was like really frustrating, because I took two different routes up the rock face and each time these bashed.

Just curious what others think?

It sounds like your springs are going flat. Probably a slightly stiffer spring pack with more arch like OME. You could probably step up in tire size to 285/75/R16 to gain a little more clearance.

Spring over axle conversion!

XterrasNameIsMolly (Justin):
I mean it has 14k on the vehicle, and at 7k I put an add a leaf, so I am not confident it is flattened springs. Maybe SOA is required ;)

35s. Never scraped my shackles since!


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