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Intake Manifold/Plenum Gasket Service

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pinchel (Rob):
This is something I have to do soon. There is a coolant leak under my plenum and it is not, or does not appear to be coming from a hose. I know some hoses are way overdue for replacement.

I plan to purchase the gasket kit and some miscellaneous hoses. I've watched lots of videos, the work doesn't look hard just lots of unbolting and removal of clamps/hoses, and electrical connections. Since it's likely been awhile, and it's cooler outside, I plan to clean the manifold real good and also bypass the intake coolant lines.

Anything else I should look for? I've already relocated the knock sensor, which I shouldn't have to mess with except remove the connection that remains under the intake plenum.

Stay tuned....what a PITA!

Started the other day, on a Friday. I had to drill out the 5 allen/torx bolts from the upper intake plenum because they were so torqued that they just would not budge. After the 1st one, I didn't even bother trying to break them loose, I just went and started drill the other 4 out. Way quicker. I already bought 5 replacement bolts from the hardware store. M8x1.25 25mm long. They fit great.

Had to cut a few hoses off to get the upper intake manifold to finally come off. That is soaking to get it some what clean. Hoping that none of the wires on my wire harness break, the plastic cover is pretty fagile and I know that several months ago when I did the knock sensor relocation that I had already discover a few loose wires that I taped up for the time being. They will likely need soldering at some point. I'll battle that demon once this gasket job is done.

So the fuel rail and its harness are out of the way. Bolts removed from the lower intake, but the darn thing is not moving. I gotta figure out how to get it to budge a little.

It is now Monday afternoon, I'm stopping for now.

pinchel (Rob):
So I have my intake half apart, looking at how to do the coolant delete. I found this, but it only shows the to lower hoses and not the two tubes attached to the upper intake manifold plenum.

In this video he talks about the tubes at about 2:10

pinchel (Rob):
I'm here now, trying to force the lower intake to budge so I can lift it out. It ain't moving. Plus I'm freaking out now because one of the plastic spaces for the fuel rail is missing and I don't remember it falling. Hoping it didn't fall in the intake before I plugged the holes.

pinchel (Rob):
Part list:
5 replacement manifold bolts, i replaced them with home depot allen bolts. (I'll probably go back and replace them with something else eventually.)
Lots of brake cleaner, oven cleaner, wire brushes and rags
Gasket sealer, not sure which yet. (I bought gray and blue but didn't use any.)
Gates Upper Radiator hose 22517 & worm clamps
Gates Bypass Radiator hose 22518 & worm clamps
Gates Hose 18462 & worm clamps
Gates Hose 18461 & worm clamps
Gates Hose 18460 & worm clamps
Gates Straight Heater Hose 28410 5" and 3", and worm clamps
Also, needed a piece of 90 degree molded 1/2" inner diameter hose, it was about 4" in length. I had to find a random one at Autzone that was $18 and cut it down.
About 5' of 5/32 hose which is window washer fluid hose at the part stores.
Felpro Intake & Plenum gaskets Kit
EGR valve gasket
Engine coolant, about 1 jug worth, I didn't empty the radiator. I just let it empty from the open hoses and such.

XterrasNameIsMolly (Justin):
What a project, I am not sure I would be mechanically inclined enough to do this, kudos! I hope you figure it out


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