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VALENTINES (anytime really..) sweets! Toffee, fudge, etc..

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Ok, so my wife recently started up a confection company and it's going great. Wanted to share with AZXC so here's a link to the site. It's the BEST toffee and fudge (yes Crown King, even better than yours..) We use only the finest ingredients; Ghirardelli chocolates, whole butter, C&H sugar, premium nuts and fruits, etc. and you'll taste the quality when you try it. There's WHITE CHOCOLATE FUDGE W/ STRAWBERRIES & CHAMPAGNE for Valentines. It's delicious and looks great, your lady (or fella') will love it. Order some up on the site, we have PAY PAL and if you're local, come pick some up, use SQUARE or good old cash. Mention AZXC and get a discount on your purchase. Buy for yourself, take some to your family for a great treat, or give some to friends and coworkers.
Happy Holidays  8)

Heck ya, this will be perfect for my stomach and my in-laws. Is a way to get a discount if we order online?

Thanks for your interest, and yes, as noted AZXC members receive a discount (10%). She's working on the website to have a place to add a promo code to receive the discount. Let me know if you order on the website, and I'll just throw in a couple extra chunks of Fudge or Toffee in the meantime..  :)

Promo code is AZXC on the website for 10% discount!
C'mon AZXC, get some now for yourselves, your families, and your friends. It's a perfect holiday treat.

Thanks for your orders, keep 'em coming. Take advantage of the clubs 10% discount when ordering from the website, and get the goods before this Saturday (Christmas). Little elves will be making fresh candy every night this week to be delivered on time, so it'll be fresh and delicious. Ohh, she just added peanut brittle to the menu too. It's fantastic, and totally different than the toffee.. Get some.


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