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February meeting 7:00 pm 2-19-2010

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I just looked at where this is at. I might not be able to make it until 7:30-8:00pm.

See you there, directly south is some parking and awhile back some dirt area was available.  I agree with mbs00 but the patio has recently opened. 

It was a pleasure meeting all of you tonight and putting some faces to the screen names.  Looking forward to the Chilli Cook Off.

Thanks everyone for coming out tonight.  We had 9 Xterras and a Montero.  It was great to meet Brian (bdjones72) and Kelly, and Mike (Mr. X) and Cynthia.  Also in attendance was Fangars, Onix, DZRT, Conundrum, mbs00 and Brittany, azbumblebee, Stout-X, and AZ-Ted.

I'll let Adam fill in the details of the meeting, but I just wanted to mention that we decided to have the March meeting at the Chili Cookoff (official Xcursion).  March is a big month, where we pay our annual dues ($25), and we vote on the positions of Pres, VP, and Treasurer/Secretary.

A big thank you to all who attended. And congratulations to Brenda for President. Wally for VP and Adam for Treasury. Also the winners. For chili cook off are Adam 1st place Robert 2nd place and Tomas 3rd.Great turn out.
Onix / Wally


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