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February meeting 7:00 pm 2-19-2010

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Well, I was just joking about the bikni top.  :o

Frijoles X:
I just got back from the car/truck gathering the cross streets are Northern and 93rd ave the shopping center is called peoria crossings it was on the target parking.

Frijoles X:
Bad news I just got word that cars are banned now from this place on Northern and 93rd.Teens were racing there cars  >:( So know we need to find a new place for the meeting.....

So, we need to figure out where to have the February meeting.  Keeping it on the westside is a good idea.  It has been suggested that we have our February meeting at the new Smashburger located at 99th Ave and McDowell.  What do you think?

Frijoles X:
sounds good to me


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