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Hammer (Avi):
If people are interested but concerned with larger group size, my recommendation would be to go! The trails are divided up well, only the easier trails end up with a large amount of people.  So if you want to go and run hard trails, it is best to sign up early.  The trail leaders know what they are doing, in my experience you'll get good guidance and spotting.  It is a great opportunity to meet new people and you will have a blast!   

XterrasNameIsMolly (Justin):
I am registered!

Monday: Offroading 1010
Tuesday: White Wash Sand Dunes / Seven Mile Rim (still on border)
Wednesday: Gemini Bridges / Bully Canyon / Day Canyon
Thursday: Dome Plateau
Friday: Porcupine Rim

7 mile rim is a fun trail for a 1st timer to Moab; scenic,  long off camber parts, wipeout hill, and more.. Consider Poison Spider at weeks end if you're feeling it.

Thupertrooper (Victor):
Damn im excited for you. You're going to love it.

Thupertrooper (Victor):
Tempted to go i miss Moab.


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