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pinchel (Rob):
Here is our current clothing inventory available for quick sale, it can be shipped or picked/delivered. You'll have to message me for pickups/delivery. If any of the items below are out of stock, please add your request by clicking here.

To order via PayPal please send the appropriate funds including order details to
Items are shipped via USPS (we will use USPS Flat rate for shipping). Shipping starts at $6.40 for USPS Priority Flat Rate, with tracking for clothing items. Please include these order details: Product Type/Quantity/Color/Size

2017 Supporting Membership, includes the large AZXC club decal or a patch - $25
AZXC Club Sticker be purchased alone - $8 includes USPS postage - 89 on hand
OLD Style AZXC Club Sticker - $5 includes USPS postage - 2 on hand
AZXC Club Logo Morale Patches (Printed Vinyl with Velcro Mesh) - $5 each - 14 on hand
NEW AZXC Flag Morale Patch (Rubber PVC) - $8 each - 95 on hand
TREAD LIGHTLY! White Window Sticker (4"5") - $2.50 each - 22 on hand
Limited Edition Flag2GC 20th Sticker

AZXC Apparel
Logos on front left chest on T-shirts and graphics on the back! Design is the same for all products, but color of print may differ depending on shirt color. Our newest design is the same logo/color minus the vendors, some with the Treadlightly logo beneath the AZXC logo.

GREEN T-SHIRT $10 - 2 XXLarge, 3 XLarge

Recent Design:
Heather Gray Short Sleeve T-Shirts (AZXC logo only) $20 - 3 Large
Army Green Short Sleeve T-Shirts (AZXC logo only) $20 - 2 Large
Red Short Sleeve T-Shirts (AZXC logo only) $20 - 4 Small, 2 XXLarge
Black Short Sleeve T-Shirts (AZXC logo only) $20 - 5 Large, 3 XLarge, 2 XXLarge, 1 XXXLarge

Black Short Sleeve T-Shirts (Treadlightly logo) $20 - 1 XLarge
Army Green Short Sleeve T-Shirts (Treadlightly logo) $20 - 2 XLarge
Ladies Black Tank Shirt (Treadlightly logo) $20 - 2 Medium, 1 XLarge

Long Sleeve T-Shirts $25 - Limited Availability (Also Available By Special Request)
Full Zip Up Hoodies $35 - Limited Availability (Available By Special Request)
Pullover Hoodies $30 - Limited Availability (Available By Special Request)

Any questions just email us at or look here

pinchel (Rob):
ON hands are updated! We now have a small number of zip up hoodies and long sleeves shirts available, first come first serve.

pinchel (Rob):
Unless someone doesn't claim their reserved order, we have 4 zip up hoodies left.

1 Extra Large
3 2XL


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