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pinchel (Rob):
Our next special request order will likely be to fill t-shirt sizes we are low or out of stock on, this is your chance to request a color or size.

T-shirt options are either black or dark green this time, zip up hoodies black only. As always, Long Sleeve T-shirts $25, pullover hoodies $30, zipup sweatshirts $35. The zip up hoodies were popular.

We have done the dry knit polos as well, so we could do those if you missed out, I forget the price, but we didn't have a lot of interest in those before. If there is an item of clothing that you'd like and we have not done it, go ahead and post it here, and we'll look into it.

Pitsnipe - 1 2Xl Pullover (SAVED please pay $30)
Rubio480 - 1 Zip Up Hoodie XL (SAVED please pay $35 )
Vic - 1 Zip Up Hoodie Large (SAVED please pay $35), 1 Pullover XL (SAVED please pay $30), 1 Large Mechanic style shirt short sleeve (BACKORDERED)
Stephen - 1 LS Black Shirt (SAVED please pay $25) and 1 2XL Pullover Sport Grey (SAVED please pay $30+$15 for previous t-shirt)
Pinchel - 1 XL mechanic shirt short sleeved (BACKORDERED)
theonepathfinder - 2 Black Zip Up Hoodies Size Large (SAVED & PREPAID)

pinchel (Rob):
I'm interested in one of these in short sleeve, and possibly long sleeve. I kind of like this instead of the dry-fit polos.

pinchel (Rob):
Your requests are in, please get with me to make arrangements for payment and delivery. If you decide you don't want it please let us know within the week. There are other members who may purchase them.

pinchel (Rob):
Unless someone doesn't claim their reserved order, we have 4 zip up hoodies left.

1 Extra Large
3 2XL


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